Say what you think – skilfully!

Thank you to James Smith from Masters Academy for presenting our first IMC Sky High! event of 2016.

James reassured everyone that public speaking is a generally terrifying experience for 93% of people but he promised to share some tricks to make it easier. Volunteer students helped James demonstrate vocal projection (throw your voice to the back of the room- that’s how teachers do it!!), powerful standing positions (feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back, chest out) and personal space (not too close, not too far apart -but with enough space to have your arms out and finger tips touching).

Students worked in teams to strategise how they could entice Bill Gates to give them $1000000 for an innovative idea- congratulations to Ashcroft HS’s Earth Table which won the day.

Ashcroft HS selling their EarthTable


After lunch a second challenge saw students deciding why they should be permitted to stay in a hot air balloon and land on an island. Who would be thrown off – the garbage collector, the politician, the builder, the vet, the lawyer?? Sadly it was goodbye to the politician and welcome to the builder who gave us some very convincing arguments of his skills in building shelter.

Who will stay on the island?


Students from Ashcroft, Lurnea, James Busby, Cabramatta and Chester Hill – congratulations on a great day. We love hearing your ideas! And we’ll catch up with St John’s Park for our next event on Wednesday 16 March – Health.

PS For teachers and principals interested in finding out about Masters Academy and James’ incredible approach to public speaking training, contact James for more information.


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